Lip & Eyeliner Permanent Makeup Nashville

Lip Permanent Makeup

Often our natural color fades and the vermillion border reduces, making lips appear thinner. But now we have the option of restoring and boosting our youthful glamour with Semi-Permanent lip treatments.

Lip contour enhancement will restore a poor or thin-shaped mouth back to ‘normal’. Lips can be defined to emphasize or correct an irregular lip shape. It can be natural or more defined. Lip procedures can either enhance the beauty of well-shaped lips or re-shape lips.

Properly applied, permanent lip color can correct asymmetry, add definition and fullness, enlarge thin lips and minimize the appearance of large lips.

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup

The eyes are very powerful communication tools.

Eyes can enhance facial expression even more so than our mouths. Eye enhancement procedure can give you captivating, brighter, shinier, blazing eyes. Permanent eyeliner is a must for women who are allergic to conventional makeup, who wear contact lenses, have poor eyesight, or have shaky hands. No more rubbing on delicate eye tissue to apply or remove your eyeliner.

Permanent Make-Up can eliminate the smudging and running of store-bought eyeliners- permanently. It gives definition to the eye and makes the lashes look thicker. It brings “life” to your eyes taking away the “bald” look that makes you look tired all the time.
Permanent eyeliner stays where regular over-the-counter makeup can’t even go: between the lashes. Our lash enhancement gently places pigment between the lashes to provide a truly magnificent and natural frame that softly surrounds the eyes.